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What command line arguments are supported?

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The Window Clippings executable (wc.exe) provides two commands that can be used to automate screen capture.



The favorite command create a screenshot based on the settings for a particular favorite.

wc favorite [/n <name>]

The /n argument is used to specify a favorite by name if the default is not desired. Remember to enclose the favorite name in quotes if the name itself has spaces in it.


Run the default favorite (the one currently selected on the Favorites tab in Window Clippings):

wc favorite

Run the favorite named “Blog”:

wc favorite /n Blog

Run the favorite named “Create screenshot”:

wc favorite /n "Create screenshot"



The capture command create a screenshot purely based on the arguments provided on the command line.

wc capture [options] /out <filename>

The /out argument must be provided to specify the full name of the file that will contain the screenshot.

If no additional arguments are provided then the selection surface is presented.

The /wt argument is used to capture a window with a given title.

The /wc argument is used to capture a window with a given class name.

The /wh argument is used to capture a window with a given decimal handle value.

The /r argument is used to capture a rectangle given four decimal coordinates.

The /shadow argument indicates that window shadows should be included.


wc capture /out c:\samples\calc.png /wt Calculator

wc capture /out c:\samples\ie.png /wc IEFrame /shadow

wc capture /out c:\samples\rect.png /r 100 100 600 400


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